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Based in Madrid, Plehn Abogados is a law firm specialized in international transactions, with particular strength in the English and Spanish-speaking markets. The law firm’s attorneys are multilingual and represent a wide variety of Spanish and foreign clients, primarily in commercial, corporate, direct investment (real estate and companies) and litigation matters. We also regularly represent clients in the recognition in Spain of foreign wills and judgments. The law firm’s client base includes large multinational companies, small start-up enterprises and individuals.

Steven Plehn, the law firm’s founder, is an American attorney (admitted in New York and Massachusetts) and also admitted in Spain since 1996. He has dual Spanish and US nationalities. His experience spans all areas of commercial law, including international sales and distribution, mergers and acquisition, infrastructure projects, technology transfers, company startups, bankruptcy and litigation and arbitration related to these areas.

All attorneys at Plehn Abogados have had rigorous training and extensive experience in their fields and, in addition to their general legal studies, have completed advanced degrees in their areas of specialization.

The law firm’s size permits it to ensure that its services are very personalized. Our clients’ needs are our top priority and we deliver world-class legal services. As one client has stated, we provide “American-style service in a Spanish and international context.” We stand by this claim, gladly offering potential clients access to evaluations from others who have worked with us in the past. Our clients have let us know, again and again, their satisfaction with our personal service and commitment to quality legal representation.

Because of our size, our law firm is able to offer clients flexible billing methods, adapted to the particular situation and which include, amongst others, risk sharing, fixed rates, success fees and time-based billing. We are also open to considering client proposals. In any event, we guarantee that we will listen to what the client needs and work hard to make sure those needs are met.

Although our law firm is small, we are regularly involved in large projects, relying on a tested network of expert outsourced attorneys specialized in labor, environmental, government regulatory controls and other areas which do not form part of our core areas of competence. Such outsourcing by our law firm is transparent to the client and subject to their prior approval. Nonetheless, we manage these teams, assuming full responsibility for all work and assuring seamless services for the client, without additional cost.

Experience, zealous representation and a clear understanding of the client’s needs form the basis of the law firm’s services

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