• Ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, including those of the International Chamber of Commerce, International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, the London Court of Arbitration and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Litigation before the Spanish Courts.

Our law firm is particularly active in representing both Spanish and foreign clients before the Spanish courts, as well as before national and international arbitral tribunals. We focus our practice on disputes related to commercial matters and foreign investments, as these are the areas where we are most active and have the deepest substantive knowledge. More specifically, we have successfully represented a broad array of clients on matters such as contractual breaches, distribution and agency agreements, product defects, general collection matters, unfair competition and a host of other litigious issues. We also act for clients wishing to obtain the recognition in Spain of foreign court judgments and arbitral awards and subsequently carry out the related enforcement and embargo actions within Spain.

Steven Plehn, the firm’s founder, commenced his legal career under the tutelage of Bernardo Cremades who is still recognized today as Spain’s foremost expert in international arbitration. Since that time Mr. Plehn has acted in virtually all capacities in the international arbitration arena, and is a listed arbitrator in some of the world’s most prestigious arbitration institutions. He regularly acts as a party-nominated arbitrator and also as tribunal president when so nominated by the corresponding arbitral institution. Mr. Plehn has worked with, amongst other arbitral institutions, the International Chamber of Commerce, the London Court of International Arbitration, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment disputes. Apart from his extensive experience in arbitration, Mr. Plehn is an experienced litigator in local civil Spanish proceedings and has successfully represented a variety of foreign and Spanish companies, as well as individuals, both at first instance and at appeal.

The firm is flexible regarding the billing of litigation and arbitration matters. While willing to apply the more classical billable time approach, we are also ready to consider and take on a considerable amount of risk in the outcome of the litigation after analyzing the case and determining its possibilities of success. We are also willing to consider flat fees where we can reasonably estimate the amount of time a matter may require.

See the recent article published by the International Bar Association regarding our representation of a foreign multinational in Spain under the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign arbitration Awards (New York, 1958)

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